Introducing Our New Cello Range

St Ives Liquor Co. Limoncello

Our grins always light up when someone brings us back a bottle of limoncello from their holidays. A whole bottle tends to last all of three minutes once it’s been passed around the table post dinner, especially when it’s icy cold and syrupy straight from the freezer.

So we had an idea, why not create our own cellos right here on Cornish soil? After all, once we’ve zested and rinded the lemons to infuse in our St Ives Gin, we always have a surplus of citrus. Our mum Tamsin normally uses these lemons to make homemade lemonade that we then serve down at SILCo. Searoom, but now we have grander plans.

St Ives Liquor Co. Limoncello

After copious experimenting, and many taste tests, we’ve created two delicious cellos, bringing sunshine citrus liqueurs from one Riviera to another. Experience the bittersweet finish of pompelmocello (pink grapefruit) and the classic tartness of limoncello (lemon).

They’re all available from SILCo. Searoom, at various spots around St Ives and they’re up on our webshop. Chin chin!

Designed by Eastman Design Co. and illustrated by Tommy Lucas.

Nicola Robey